1933 Dodge Business Coupe on Display

1933 Dodge Business Coupe on Display

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1933 was, like most other years, full of historical events and happenings. It was a major year of the great depression, the board game Monopoly was invented, the original King Kong movie was produced and shown and the chocolate chip cookie came into being. Despite the depression, the auto industry kept producing cars. Local resident Doug Bratrud has a Dodge automobile from the year 1933, restored and in good shape. Saturday, July 23 at the Mentor Farmer’s Market you can get a glimpse of the style of car from that era, as this 1933 Dodge Business Coupe (with suicide doors) will be on display all morning in the center ring at the market. Come and get a look at a piece of history. While at the market browse the displays and products from the many vendors there. Also, the summer produce is making its full appearance as the long awaited tomatoes are ripening. Meet your friends, have a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful July morning of midsummer in Minnesota. See you at the Mentor Farmer’s Market.

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